Ordained Clergy
(Vacant) Priest-in-charge
Rev. John Nemes Deacon


Bishop’s Committee
Position Name Term Expires
Sr. Warden Steve Brown  2018
Jr. Warden Robin Nunez 2018
Treasurer Beckie Brown 2018
Libby Nemes
Bob Andrich
Bea Allshouse
David Nemes


Licensed Ministers
Delegates and Alternates to Diocesan Convention
Steve Brown Delegate
Beckie Brown Delegate
Bea Allshouse Alternate
Libby Nemes Alternate


Abbreviation Definitions:

  • LEM (Lay Eucharistic Minister)
  • WL (Worship Leader, Lay Reader)
  • AOJN – Associate of the Order of Julian of Norwich
  • OSL – Order of St. Luke

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