Sunday Service

We meet together every Sunday at 10:00am, using the forms available in the Book of Common Prayer for Morning Prayer, Holy Eucharist, and other offices where appropriate. We do this from an “emerging” consensus of praise, worship and prayer based on the gathered community.  In 2016, we have adapted parts of the New Zealand Prayer Book to our Morning Prayer Agape Service.

Beginning with the 2016 school year, we have offered our building to the Learning to Grow daycare program Monday – Friday during the day.  Their facility was destroyed by fire and needed a new location in the short term.  Their program serves over one hundred students and families.

Therefore, our services are held in the old “library” room, just off the main church and located next to the kitchen.  The best access on Sundays is to enter through the rear door off the parking lot/fenced play area.  The main church doors are currently inaccessible because of day care program needs.


Total Common Ministry Circle

In the past, we have met to study together from 7:00pm to 9:00pm on Wednesday evenings.   While our circle continues to meet on Sunday, we may resume Wednesday evening adult study and evening prayer/compline services during the Lenten Season.


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